My love affair with Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy by Khawar Bilal
Wide brush Arabic calligraphy by Khawar Bilal

If you have been following my work, you might well know that I have a thing about Arabic calligraphy. I always try to find a place for it in my design projects. That I am not an Arab is as sure as the night follows the day. But a fondness for Arabic calligraphy runs in my blood, and it also encourages me to modernise Latin script, sometimes adding a touch of Arabic to it. Continue reading “My love affair with Arabic calligraphy”


Welcome to my brand new blog. On this blog, I aim to publish my thoughts about design, Arabic calligraphy and its related aspects. I will introduce you to my favourite artists and their works, and share my understanding of design and art-of-calligraphy as a whole. A caution though, I may talk about my work also :)

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